10 things you should know before becoming an Interior Designer

TheCareerHub, 18th December, 2020


Do you consider yourself someone who has good taste in colour combinations, stylish furniture, home décor and architectural designs? A career in interior design should make it to your list.

But before you make that choice let me give you a taste of what it means to become an Interior Designer.

  • Do you have it in you?

Nothing can be more disastrous than investing your time, effort and money to build a career you are not meant for. It would be best if you had a natural flair for colours, fabrics, spatial arrangements etc. Sure, you are good with drawings, your friends call you an artist, and you bring the most innovative ideas when planning a party. But is it something you can do for the central part of your life? Does it excite you, or it is a rare thing? Dive into yourself and get these answers.

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  • Interior Designer is not the same as Interior Decorator.

Although both are still closely related, there is a notable difference between them. Interior designing is about making structural changes and making spaces useful, keeping users in mind. At the same time, Interior Decorators make the areas visually appealing with furniture and paintings. So, think twice before you confuse designing with decorating.

  • Do you have the required credentials?

If you want to get a decent start, you need to have some credentials in your quiver. To begin with, you can think about getting a bachelor'sbachelor's in design or diploma in Interior Design or an International Certificate of Interior Design from the interior design institute in India. They also offer some international accreditations, which can help gather the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this field.

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  • It would help if you had a good portfolio.

Creating a portfolio that showcases your designs, past projects, recommendations, client testimonials and achievements as an interior designer can help you further your career. Unless you are popular enough in the industry to pick your projects and dictate your terms, your portfolio is your USP to build trust and goodwill amongst prospective clients.

  • It does not pay that well.

I would recommend taking it with a pinch of salt, but it does not pay that well to be an Interior designer. The average salary of an Interior Designer is INR 3 lacs per annum. But this can vary depending on the nature of your work, education and country of residence.

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  • Innovation is the name of the game.

If you want to succeed as an Interior Designer, you have to take calculated risks by thinking out of the box. The trends are changing rapidly, and ideas are getting obsolete in no time. Therefore, there is a need to be aware of the current trends and break them at times to get a lead in the market. You have all the inspiration to need, from historical monuments to exhibitions. Eco-friendly homes, compact spaces, and multipurpose furniture indicate the future of Interior design.

  • Get a grasp on the technology.

Yes, Interior designers are increasingly dependent on new tools and applications to get the best designs and plans for their clients, giving tough competition to someone who is sticking to old methods. Some of the best-known apps are Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), SmartDraw, Floorplanner, SketchUp, HomeByMe and many more.

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  • Know where you belong

The scope of work in the field of Interior design is vast. Every role demands those basic skills and credentials, but the nature of work differs. Creating a designer in a furniture company will be different from that in a prominent architecture firm. You have the option to make a switch to a different role but evaluate the value and your career goals well.

  • Build your network

No matter what you do, it would help if you had the support of other people to achieve your goals. Join that community on Facebook, find a mentor to teach you the trade tricks, build good relationships with your clients and follow the experts.

  • Be ready for changes.

As an Interior designer, you work with many people, including homeowners, architects, government officials and business houses. Each of them will have something to contribute. Therefore, you must be flexible and adaptive. There can be last-minute changes to your design, or you may lose your dream project to some competitor. It is all a part of the process, but you need to learn the tact of dealing with people to get the upper hand.

Suppose you have not lost your enthusiasm to become an Interior Designer yet; kudos to you. As they say, "Nothing worth having in life comes easily".


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