How to become a Fashion Journalist

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Mass media journalism and publication


Who is Fashion Journalist ?

Fashion journalism includes investigating and writing about the new trends and styles in the fashion industry. This information is gathered by Journalists, collaborating with stylists, interviewing fashion designers, and covering fashion shows, photoshoots, and activities. In addition, fashion journalists discuss the way in which pop culture and recent events influence today's clothing and accessories fashion. They also cover fashion headlines, fashion critics' comments, and other details concerned with the fashion industry. A fashion journalist does not spend much time writing but instead conducting research.

Typical day at work

What does Fashion Journalist do?

  • To develop stories, evaluate ideas, leads or tips
  • Fact-check background information of a story for accuracy using reference materials like books, news files, or public records
  • Conduct interviews for a story with individuals who can provide information
  • Network and maintain relations with people who provide credible sources of information
  • Reporting news stories, reciting background and event details for publication
  • Review work to satisfy editorial style, formatting guidelines, fit time or space needs
  • Check written, audio, or video material to correct content, grammar, or punctuation errors
  • Determine the focus, duration, and format of a published story or broadcast article, and arrange material accordingly
  • Using mobile phones, telephones, fax machines to relay news reports or record information from remote locations
  • Photograph or videotape news or events and edit them for a story publication
  • Create content for columns or commentaries by examining and interpreting news, present issues, or individual experiences
  • Write online blog posts, columns, editorials, commentaries, or reviews covering developments; provide additional facts, or opinions or interpretations on news events
  • Attending press days and fashion events to take notes
  • Research and write about the latest trends, current fashion, or fashion advice.

Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Fashion Journalist?

  • This career is suitable for those interested in fashion and has brilliant creative writing skills, along with the ability to think critically. One also needs to have knowledge of fashion history to view the progression, where fashion’s been, and where it might be going.
  • They need to have good judgement to gauge the errors in a literary work. This also requires familiarity with word processing and other computer editorial software.
  • They must also possess, ability to work independently and to stay focused. They also need to have eyes for detail, be self-motivated, persistent, and determined. They should be adaptable, flexible, and open to change to work within the style of the publisher, rather than impose their own ideas.
  • They also need to have good people skills, ability to work well with others, and verbal as well as written communication skills. The need for good interpersonal, interviewing, and active listening skills, helps build working relationships.

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How to become an Fashion Journalist?

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam for Fashion Journalist ?

  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Navi Mumbai
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  4. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai
  5. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna


Which course I can pursue?


Which Industries are open for Fashion Journalist?


Are there internships available for Fashion Journalist?

Career outlook

What does the future look like for Fashion Journalist?

Fashion journalists can expect employment opportunities in full-time, permanent positions in fashion forecast firms, fashion houses, publications, websites, magazines, TV channels or advertising companies etc. In the field of fashion journalism, one might work as a fashion writer, photographer, reporter, anchor, or editor. Their work hours can be irregular as they may have to travel and meet a lot of people. 

One can also choose to be self-employed and start their fashion media house. There is also an option for independent freelance fashion journalism, where one can directly share their work on the internet or choose to sell the news to larger organizations.