How to become a Banking Executive

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Who is Banking Executive ?

Banking executives serve the highest position in a branch like branch manager or general manager. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of the branch. Banking executives might be in charge of a single branch or the banks around the country. With the advancements in technology, and the practice of online banking we have become highly dependent on them on a daily basis. A bank executive is responsible for spreading awareness of the services they provide, increase sales and profits, maintain records etc.

These professionals plan and coordinate, analyze and then direct the clients for investing purposes. They also ensure that people are aware about the insurance based policies and guide them towards that direction. They also provide the people with other financial activities and aspects related to their branch, or any department in it. Analyzing financial records and improving the budget system is a part of their primary work. They also are involved in thorough planning and coordinating with the other individuals with respect to their thorough planning and management. This also includes establishing national to international businesses to create relationships and connections and facilitate work related activities.

Typical day at work

What does Banking Executive do?

  • The banking executives have to increase the sales, manage the budgets and meet the targets by promoting and marketing their brand and its services
  • Overseas branch administration and operations 
  • Device policies which enhance the operations and regulatory compliance. 
  • Establish challenging yet achievable target for the lower professional and monitor them
  • Recruitment, training and related paper works of the employees in their branch.
  • They have to ensure good customer service, discuss the financial requirements of the clients and provide them with the best financial advice, resolve complaints or issues
  • Leads and directs all retail banking functions. They review the financial details and processing and withdrawal. Maintain and provide statistical and financial records when needed. Reporting to the head office. Gather compile and file report for the management
  • Authorize and evaluate loans and establish connections among local business contacts. Evaluate proposals and submit for approval

Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Banking Executive?

Communication and presentation skills are central to this particular job profile. The services must be explained to the customers in a simple language. The executive must have the ability to document the details in a simple language as well as to understand the content of a written formal document. Reasoning and problem-solving skills would enhance your profile. The executive must be able to understand what went wrong, anticipate the future problems etc. they must be able to view the bigger picture as well as give attention to the minor details, judge the implications of new developments. They must be able to recognize the problem element, identify what change would solve the problem.

Critical thinking is essential for problem solving. Banking is nothing without numbers. He/she must be definitely good in mathematical functions. The new creative, out of the box ideas should be assisted or backed up with mathematics. A banking executive must be able to assess personal developments as well as of others. People skills are very important. Ways of helping people would enhance the establishment of trust within the customers towards the bank. They should have the desire to constantly learn and update. They should be aware of the banking services, basic banking regulations, a bit about taxation as well as financial markets. There are various other skills that are important in this job profile.

Active listening and critical thinking are a few of them. Active listening would help the banking executives to be aware of the client's needs and requirements. This would also help them to support and guide the client thoroughly. Critical skills would help the executive to work on the financial related projects through their critiquing and improving mindset. It also involves monitoring skills along wherein the individual would monitor various internal and processes of the entire business. Some of the other skills that are absolutely important to become a banking executive are the strong oral expression and the oral comprehension skills. It also involves the deductive reasoning and the problem sensitivity based areas. Finally, speech clarity is also highly appreciated for these professionals to build in them.

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How to become an Banking Executive?

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam for Banking Executive ?

Basically banks hold two types of examination for recruitment of personnel:

  • Banking Services Exams and
  • Bank P.O. Exams


Which course I can pursue?


Which Industries are open for Banking Executive?

  1. Commercial banking
  2. Investment banking
  3. Retail banking
  4. Private banking
  5. Corporate banking
  6. Asset management
  7. Insurance
  8. Financial technology (fintech)
  9. Wealth management
  10. Consulting


Are there internships available for Banking Executive?

Internships for Banking Executives are less common compared to entry-level positions. However, some banks and financial institutions may offer internships to provide exposure to the banking industry, allowing participants to learn about banking operations, customer service, and financial analysis and gain practical experience in a professional banking environment.

Career outlook

What does the future look like for Banking Executive?

The projection of banking sectors for the 10-year span from 2018-2028 is 16%. The trend of a cashless economy has increased the dependency on the banks on a day to day basis. One of the biggest competencies of the banks depend on the customer satisfactions. The customers are seeking bank branches in their proximity. This is leading to the increase in number of branches. There is an increased possibility of more recruitments as bank managers and regional managers.

In the near future banks would be located in the most untraditional locations such as the interiors of supermarkets. Therefore, this profession is a very lucrative profession that provides the individual with a lot of respect, work growth and progress and thorough experience. However, this job is quite demanding in terms of the individual`s mental abilities and strengths, and demanding strong communication skills. Banking executives work with a lot of different software such as the accounting software, the business related software along with the data analysis software. They would also require to work well with basic computer skills related to word excel, power point, etc.