How to become a Document Control Manager

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Who is Document Control Manager ?

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree
While a bachelor's degree isn't required for all jobs, some employers prefer candidates who have completed a degree program in a field such as business administration, information technology or a related field. A business administration degree program may cover financial management, business writing and communication, business ethics, leadership and management and management information systems. A major in information technology may include coursework in fundamentals of database systems, Web development, programming logic, project management, network management and client/server operating systems.

Success Tip
Take additional courses in software. Training courses for software programs such as Primavera or Microsoft SharePoint can be useful for document control managers.

Step 2: Gain Experience
Administrative assistant and administrative specialist jobs offer experience in records systems along with advancement opportunities to supervisory roles. Companies hiring document control managers prefer candidates to have previous experience working in a management position. Vendor audit and record-keeping experience may be preferred, as well as experience with document control software and processes. Once the necessary experience is obtained, candidates can advance in their career to a document control manager position.

Success Tip
Take an interest in accounting practices. There is a tremendous amount of crossover between the skills necessary to be a successful bookkeeper or accountant and those necessary for a document control manager. Staying on top of accounting practices allows document specialists be on top of their field.

Step 3: Advance Your Career
Depending on the specific nature of one's workplace, document control managers might consider pursuing a relevant license or certificate. Gaining these will give employers confidence that the employee has the skills to carry out complex managerial tasks that will keep the company in the forefront of their field.

To become a document control manager, you may need a bachelor's degree, but experience in the field is often the most important requirement.

Typical day at work

What does Document Control Manager do?

The Document Control Manager duties include, but aren't limited to, the following.

Establishing a procedural framework for identifying, collecting, distributing and filing the controlled documents for the Program. This involves writing and maintaining document control procedures and participating in the development and roll-out of document control tools, such as scanning hardware, computer software, etc.
Ensure the information and internal control system is implemented in compliance with the Client’s standard; and is updated to reflect revisions to those standards. Maintain awareness of latest Client and/or Program initiatives which will impact the control or distribution of data on the project.
Ensure the Project Team members are provided with adequate training and support to enable them to successfully use the procedure and systems in use by the Program. Proactively conduct “spot audits” and “over-the-shoulder-reviews” of Project Teams to facilitate their understanding of and enhance their compliance to Document Controls procedures.
Managing a group of Document Control Technicians.
Provide Quality Assurance / quality control (QA/QC) audits of the hardcopy Document Control files and therefore the Prolog electronic Document Control files.
Assists with policy discussions, including e-mail recording and retention, video and retention, etc.
Provide an interface to IT Support for Document Control issues, which include process enhancements to existing software, developing recommendations for new hardware and/or software that may benefit the Document Control environment. In general, identify trends and recommend “best practices.”
Maintain a watchful and alert attitude toward Document Control, including inserting the Document Control Technicians into Project Team meetings, developing routine reports and metrics to gauge a Project Team’s success (e.g. the RFI response chart), and in general being eager and energetic towards establishing and maintaining control.

Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Document Control Manager?

1. Document Control Processes
2. Project Management
3. Data Entry

You can consider examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:

Established, improved and published key performance metrics associated with document control processes to make sure continuous improvement.
Developed new project documentation control flow, and implemented existing guideline document management programs in coordination to Senior Project Management requirements.
Administered and maintained all documentation control systems and related data entry control systems for completeness and accuracy.
Managed Corporate and Site document management / change control, including electronic document management system administration.
Managed policies/procedures relating to operations, using ISO 9000 quality standards and documentation processes.

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How to become an Document Control Manager?

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