How to become a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

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Who is Fixed Income Portfolio Manager ?

The Fixed Income Portfolio Manager position in the investment group implements fixed-income strategy in the management of client assets. The Fixed Income Portfolio Manager is responsible for monitoring market environment and impacts on portfolio, buying and selling securities in euro and foreign markets to adjust portfolio and manage relation with brokers, assessing portfolio performance, working closely with asset managers to set up and follow investment mandates, Investment Management - Investment Strategy team to continually develop expertise and share market view.

Typical day at work

What does Fixed Income Portfolio Manager do?

  1. A portfolio Manager usually is supposed to analyze, select, trade, and monitor fixed-income securities.
  2. To be able to Implement and execute a fixed income strategy of client portfolios.
  3. To oversee the daily management of investment portfolios on behalf of individual or institutional clients.
  4. To able to create and manage an overall investment strategy that matches client needs by selecting an appropriate mix of securities and investment products.
  5. To be able to manage portfolios consistently across accounts while balancing unique objectives for each client.
  6. To be able to source, analyze, trade, and evaluate individual securities in the municipal, corporate, and government sectors.

Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Fixed Income Portfolio Manager?

Portfolio managers usually start their careers as financial analysts. 

  • Skill sets pertaining to Fixed Income Investments like extensive knowledge of financial markets/instruments/regulations, economic theories, and relationships, valuation tools are highly expected out of a Portfolio Manager. 
  • Apart from this, the Portfolio Manager must possess very strong organizational and time management skills in order to manage over 100 fixed income portfolios effectively.
  • A portfolio manager must be flexible and adaptive enough to a dynamic environment.
  • Lastly, a good Portfolio Manager is someone who has excellent communication skills and the ability to work with other team members toward a common goal.

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How to become an Fixed Income Portfolio Manager?

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam for Fixed Income Portfolio Manager ?

After taking the Bachelor’s Degree, candidate must enrol in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification, if they have 4 years of work experience which is required pass three exams. It’s a professional Certification for Portfolio Managers.


Which course I can pursue?


Which Industries are open for Fixed Income Portfolio Manager?

  • Financial Management
  • Wealth Management Firms
  • Pension funds Foundations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks- Private/Public
  • Hedge funds
  • Organizations in the securities industry


Are there internships available for Fixed Income Portfolio Manager?

Take this opportunity to work under a professional that gives you exposure to the industry. It will allow you to have a practical learning about the field and will also give you the contacts for future reference. 

Career outlook

What does the future look like for Fixed Income Portfolio Manager?

Fixed Income Portfolio management is a popular career for finance and business graduates. To grow in this career, candidates need a keen interest in financial markets and asset classes and an understanding of how investing money works. Usually, a day in the life of a portfolio manager is filled with a lot of challenges, but it also offers a monetary and knowledgeable prize. This job role does have a bit tight schedule, but in between lie many interesting challenges and opportunities. If you are highly analytical and have a love of the financial markets and the ever-changing world of current affairs, a career as a portfolio manager is an absolute line for you.