How to become a Housekeeping Manager

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Who is Housekeeping Manager ?

A housekeeping manager is a person who works at a hotel or onboard such as luxury accommodation like universities, ships, yacht and clubs. Housekeeping manager coordinates the activities of persons to ensure that the environment meets the minimum standards of habitability and/or health standards-setting organizations. The Housekeeping Manager is responsible for organizing, developing, planning of the overall operation of the housekeeping department and to make sure that the highest degree of quality guest care is maintained. Responsible for training, staffing, scheduling and developing hourly staff.

Typical day at work

What does Housekeeping Manager do?

  • To assign duties to members of staff
  • To inspect the environment within the organization.
  • To ensure the minimum best practice throughout the organization
  • To develop minimum standards for prospective members of his department.
  • To listen to customers’ complaints and to addressed them efficiently and effectively
  • To ensure dirty laundries are appropriately and timelessly cleaned
  • To order supplies for the housekeeping department
  • To ensure efficient use of departmental resources
  • To direct all housekeeping activities
  • To maintain good relationship with customers or clients and suppliers of housekeeping items
  • To maintain good relationship with managers of other units in the organization.


Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Housekeeping Manager?

The housekeeping managers must have the capability to motivate and lead the team to meet the goals. The effective conduct of the team requires good management and leadership skills. The interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills would be handy at conflict resolutions between the employees. The daily reports to the head unit and establishing and implementing strategies and rules for the subordinates would require good communication skills.

They must have good organisational skills as well as the ability to multitask. They must anticipate the customer needs to make the customised arrangements and gain customer satisfaction. The working knowledge of basic housekeeping procedures and processes are required to monitor and guide the staff. Diligence and attention to detail as well as flexibility to work at evenings, weekends and festivals are required. The managerial role involves the necessity to have proficiency in general computer applications such as spreadsheets, word etc.


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How to become an Housekeeping Manager?

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam for Housekeeping Manager ?


Which course I can pursue?


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Career outlook

What does the future look like for Housekeeping Manager?

Typically rising up to the managerial role from that of a staff would require several years of individual work experience and 2 to 3 years of supervisory experience along with the bachelor's degree. In-depth knowledge regarding the function and department processes are also required. The major recruiters are hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals etc. any company whose service involves the accommodation of guests are in need of a housekeeping manager. However, the work requires a high degree of flexibility, the peak business time of such companies are the holidays, festivals and weekends. The workers might require working at evening, weekends and festivals too.