How to become an Insurance Claims Clerk

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Who is Insurance Claims Clerk ?

Insurance Claims Clerks receive and process insurance claims from policyholders. It is their job to ascertain that all the documents and records as required by the insurance policy are provided by the policyholder. They may also be responsible for providing these documents to other personnel such as claims investigators and legal counsel. It is their responsibility to ensure there are no recording errors in the data and that all required information has been gathered. Insurance claims clerks may also offer limited customer service by advising policyholders regarding insurance policies, procedures and relevant laws.
Insurance clerks process insurance applications from customers and update existing customer policy records. This entry-level position requires strong attention to detail and the ability to communicate specifics to customers who may not understand certain insurance policies. Quick thinking and problem-solving skills also come in handy. Insurance clerks often work directly with insurance agents and report up the chain of a traditional corporate hierarchy. They usually work in office or call center settings.


Typical day at work

What does Insurance Claims Clerk do?

Transmit claims for payment or further investigation.
Organize and work with detailed office or warehouse records, using computers to enter, access, search and retrieve data.
Pay small claims.
Apply insurance rating systems.
Calculate amount of claim.
Contact insured or other involved persons to obtain missing information.
Post or attach information to claim file.
Prepare and review insurance-claim forms and related documents for completeness.

Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Insurance Claims Clerk?

Insurance clerks are efficient and professional in every aspect of their job. They should be able to catch errors on insurance applications and work well with customers to ensure high levels of accuracy. While most employers only require a high school diploma for education, they consistently seek candidates with the following skills:

Account management – insurance clerks work directly with customers and their specific policies. They should be able to manage these policies and adjust quickly to fit the needs of each customer
Call center experience – insurance clerks spend the majority of their day on the phone, so they should have previous experience talking on the phone in a professional environment
Application processing – prior experience processing applications of any kind is helpful for potential insurance clerk candidates. This includes possessing data entry skills and troubleshooting experience to help customers fill out applications correctly
Communication skills – insurance clerks are excellent verbal and written communicators, able to speak with customers from all walks of life
Positive attitude – changing insurance policies can be stressful for customers. To combat this anxiety, insurance clerks should always exhibit an upbeat and positive attitude

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How to become an Insurance Claims Clerk?

Entrance Exam

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Career outlook

What does the future look like for Insurance Claims Clerk?

Growth projections for insurance clerks are mostly positive, due in part to the evolution of online technology that allows customers to submit applications from home. Insurance clerks with experience handling online applications can expect more success in this field.