How to become an Investor

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Who is Investor ?

Investors commit their resources, expecting future profit returns. There are different modes of investment such as gold, silver, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives etc. Investing can be active or passive. Active investment look forward to short term benefits, and it requires constant monitoring of the value fluctuations of the Investor's stock. On the other hand, passive investment involves allocating resources to long-term stocks. The jargon of investments is numerous. For example, there is value investment that involves profit at the moment approach, growth investment, involving stocks that promise a good profit in the future but is currently at a loss, primary markets where stocks are issued for sale for the first time, which is often followed by secondary markets where the stocks bought are sold, and the cycle continues etc.

Typical day at work

What does Investor do?

  • To learn the nature of the deal, potential profits and risks, know the jargon used by the brokers etc. An investor must be knowledgeable in the area of their work.
  • To understand the degree of risks involved and the probabilities of profit and losses. All investments involve risks; identifying the ones with lower risks and higher profit probabilities is the key.
  • To conduct a thorough background check of the broker and security firm, check on previous reviews and grievances of the firm. Before hiring a firm, evaluate their services and charges concerning others.
  • To organise discussions and facilitate a joint agreement on the expectations of each other.
  • Please read and review the documents carefully before accepting them. All the terms and conditions must be reviewed, and consult a lawyer for clarifications and better understanding.
  • To remain updated on what is happening around and research potential investments, the risks involved, the profit attainable, etc.
  • To provide accurate information regarding the financial status, goals and expectations to the broker or advisor to provide helpful information and reduce the chances of loss.
  • To scrutinise brokers' words and not fall for their words. The Investor must be aware of what they want and accordingly other than falling for false information or too good to be real deals.
  • To record the transactions, agreements and other paperwork in chronological order for future references.
  • To respond quickly to any dispute and document them for an observable record of the happenings so that proof would exist.

Abilities and Aptitude needed

What are the skills, abilities & aptitude needed to become Investor?

The Investor must be willing to be updated and continuously learn about the market, trends, needs, etc. They have to be knowledgeable on the concepts such as income, expenses, assets and liabilities. An investor must possess the ability to distinguish what is true and false. The market may be full of offers that aren't true or possible. The Investor must be able to think logically and not fall for the too good to be valid offers. They must also be able to manage their feelings. The emotions that ruin the market are fear and greed. This profile is not for those who get overconfident in the face of success and discouraged in the face of failure. An investor must have the courage to accept failure and go on to the next try, using the lessons learned from prior attempts as a guide. Patience is the most valuable skill an investor can possess. They know what they want and are waiting for the right opportunity.

Investment is the process of growth and accumulation of wealth. The Investor must be able to enjoy the journey of becoming imaginative earned wealth. Perseverance is another key to success. The ability to be persistent with the strategies to gain daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals are essential. The investor world flips drastically within seconds. The Investor must possess the ability to embrace change and utilise the trend to benefit them.


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How to become an Investor?

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Career outlook

What does the future look like for Investor?

The recent developments around the globe, including the pandemic, have created a lot of confusion and setbacks in the market. It has wreaked havoc on the global supply chain, management system, market analysis, and even several nations' political connections. Inequality, globalisation, macroeconomic policy, and sustainability, according to analysts, define the investment market and will be critical for results. Inexperienced pros or novices frequently service individual investors' accounts. They may ultimately handle huge institutional accounts, such as banks and retirement funds. An investor's work is to connect with the various businesses and create a financial deal with them regarding the finances, operations, and ultimate business expansion. It is a detail-oriented job needing good precision and hard work.